Datadog Integration

D3 SOAR now has a certified integration with Datadog APM to help organizations coordinate security operations across cloud environments and applications.

Standardized Response Based on Proven Standards

D3 comes with full-lifecycle incident response playbooks based on the NIST 800-61 and SANS incident handling methodologies. Users can also create, modify, and upload any number of custom playbooks.


A Full Library of Out-of-the-Box IR Playbooks

D3 supercharges its incident response platform with extensive security orchestration and automation features, including bi-directional SIEM integration, a visual playbook editor, and out-of-the-box applets for 200+ solutions.


Dynamic Workflows Adapt to the Latest Intelligence

Improve end-to-end incident management from the moment an alert is generated by streamlining escalation and triage, validating true/false positives, and coordinating incident response tasks across all of your organization’s stakeholders.



D3 has been recognized by industry analysts for its security automation and automated incident response solutions. These awards—including 8 wins in 2018 alone—are often attributed to D3’s unique mix of leading-edge innovation within a battle-tested and deeply functional platform.

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