Intelligence Layer

Outthink adversaries and threats by harnessing the power of data-driven decision making

The D3 Intelligence Layer supercharges the value of information by empowering users with the ability to capture any data, apply analytical lenses and filters, and identify metrics, trends, patterns, costs and risks. Several distinct analysis toolsets are built into the software, ensuring that every role can create and act upon high quality intelligence, without rigid or limiting technology. Granular information access controls extend to intelligence, enabling easy report sharing and increasing information security—just one of D3’s many enterprise-friendly features.

Generate all the reports you need

Security Incidents

Document, track, trend and analyze any kind of security event or incident

Response Tracking

Log event response and related data to continually improve outcome performance

Managerial Reports

Easily monitor employee tasks and performance, exceptions and throughput

Executive/Risk Insights

Provide impact assessments, lessons learned and risk reports to executive stakeholders

Regulatory Compliance

Mitigate the risk of noncompliance through HIPAA, PCI, NERC, FISMA and other reports

Powerful Intelligence Toolsets

security incident management software

Monitor with metrics and statistics

Rich and varied incident management metrics provide organizations with a statistical foundation from which to guide their security program, introduce new controls, and quantify the volume and veracity of threats.

Create business insight with analytics

Bringing all of your analytics together in one place makes it easier to make impactful decisions. With D3’s “slice and dice” analytics toolset you can build dynamic visualizations that aid cognition through the selection of various presentation formats.

incident response software
fraud management

Calculate the impact of events and entities

D3’s intelligence layer can perform calculations—such as time, cost or other formulas—that are designed to help you measure the financial impact of incidents, downtime, special tool usage or successful mitigation efforts.

Explore patterns and relationships

Security analysts and investigators need tools that can help them work faster and smarter—and D3’s dynamic link analysis just does that. Exploring relationships among incidents, investigations, involved entities and other indicators helps to connect the dots, in drastically less time.

fraud management
loss prevention

Fully leverage geospatial intelligence

D3’s geospatial intelligence solution allows organizations to display, filter and manage geo-located events, including in real time, on an award-winning layered Google Maps interface. This intuitive medium aids pattern recognition and supports incident pin and heat mapping, custom data feeds, and live security management.