The Ultimate Consolidation of Security Incident Intelligence

For many D3 users, the Contextual Dashboard is both the first stop of the day—where you get the latest incident metrics, investigation updates and alerts—and the primary workspace, with all parts of the system at hand, including a prioritized Task list. However, in addition to the Contextual Dashboard, D3 provides specialized analytics, list reporting, and situational awareness dashboards. Learn more about all of them below.

Access the Information You Need


Analytics Dashboard

Analytics Dashboard empowers users to easily build analytics views, toggle through saved tabs, and quickly view key metrics.

operational dashboard

Operational Dashboard

Tried, tested and true describes the operational dashboard which provides a sequenced list view that can be filtered and clicked to display detailed records.


Geospatial Dashboard

Geospatial Dashboard displays a range of real time and historical data, from incident pins and heat maps, to geolocated security assets.

Contextual Dashboard and Primary Workspace

Central Task List
Everyone needs a to-do list, so we made one that captures any task assigned to you. Whether an incident, case, task or other activity, you can find it and complete it here. Filter by due date, priority and more.

Alerts Panel
The Alerts Panel can display many kinds of alerts—internal and external, weather and threat intelligence, Connector events and D3 incidents. Each user (or their admin) can select which alerts to receive.

“Involved In” Updates
Receive updates when a record you’re involved in undergoes a change. If you’re an investigator assigned to a case, you want to receive an update when the chain-of-custody for a key exhibit has been updated.

Third Party Feeds
Monitor a stream of third party feeds including alerts from Connectors, or select from our turnkey weather, news or FEMA alerts. Member banks can utilize D3’s feed from the American Banking Association (ABA).

contextual dashboard
contextual dashboard

Pin Intelligence Layer Elements Directly to Your Contextual Dashboard Workspace

Intelligence Pin
Pin graphs and lists from the Intelligence Layer directly on to your primary work space! This feature is perfect for keeping abreast of major incidents, compliance and root cause trending.

Drill Down
Any data displayed on the dashboard can be progressively drilled down in order to reveal detailed individual records that comprise list, bar or pie charts.

Instant Messenger
That’s right—the Contextual Dashboard now includes an instant messaging platform. Click on an enabled users’ name to create a dialog box and send secure personal messages. Messages appear in the Updates Panel.