Core Engine

Orchestrate, streamline and continually optimize your management of incidents

The D3 Core contains tools and features that support a fully integrated, end-to-end workflow that is designed to keep the organization in full command of all security incidents. Used to plan, execute and review all of the action needed to identify, prioritize, respond to and recover from incidents, the Core includes a comprehensive knowledgebase, playbook library, orchestration engine, and collaboration solution.

Perform all of the actions you need

Centralize Data

Organize and correlate all of your organization’s incident data in one powerful action module

Prioritize Incidents

Streamline triage with enrichment from SIEM, threat intelligence and D3’s own knowledgebase

Guide Responders

Orchestrate response processes across incident types, processing stages and teams

Remediate Conclusively

Eliminate recurrence and methodically reduce incident volume through root cause analysis

Empower Security

Build and perfect response plan workflows without relying on IT resources

Core Features that Drive Incident Management

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A knowledgebase built for correlations

D3’s Entities Knowledgebase is a repository of local and global threat intelligence, incident data, and IOCs that boosts correlations—and is automatically referenced when a new incident is logged.

A library of leading incident response templates

Organizations use D3 as a way to adopt and supercharge incident handling methodologies, including NIST 800-61. Users routinely build and tweak processes using the library’s flexible incident response templates.

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Workflow that’s flexible, fast and limitless

New workflows, and even entire methodologies, can be uploaded or built into D3’s flexible core. Notifications, risk/threshold alerts, task assignment, and automated reporting can all be generated using the workflow tool.

Secure and compliant collaboration

D3 can write back status updates to SIEMs, update tickets in ITSM, and provide secure collaboration with external stakeholders by granting a restricted, temporary web portal. Don’t use insecure email!

Methodical security incident resolutions

Unlike “whack-a-mole” incident response/reporting solutions, D3 guides users to conclusive resolutions. Built-in root causation and corrective action assignment address the source of the incident following remediation and recovery. Other systems simply don’t take this extra step!