Smart SOAR Integration

Integrating Netskope with D3 Smart SOAR optimizes security workflows by allowing automated URL list updates and real-time data fetching. This integration enhances incident response capabilities, facilitating immediate actions without manual intervention. With Smart SOAR, Netskope's comprehensive threat data enhances security operations, enabling tailored responses to detected threats.

Integration Features

Automatically add URLs to security lists via Netskope for streamlined workflow management.
Fetch and display real-time event data from Netskope directly in Smart SOAR.
Apply pending changes in URL lists to ensure up-to-date threat management.
Configure and test Netskope connections within Smart SOAR for reliable security operations.


Real-Time Protection and Data Loss Prevention

Utilize Smart SOAR to automate responses to threats detected by NetSkope’s real-time protection and data loss prevention systems. For instance, if an unauthorized data transmission is detected, Smart SOAR can automatically block the transmission and alert the security team.

Threat Prioritization

Smart SOAR can aggregate and analyze data from NetSkope’s forensics and risk insights to prioritize incidents based on severity and impact. This helps in faster identification and mitigation of critical threats.

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