Smart SOAR Integration

Smart SOAR acts as a unified dashboard for analysis and investigation of ArcSight ESM events, enriching events with correlated MITRE ATT&CK matrix techniques, threat intelligence, and historical incident data. ArcSight ESM and Smart SOAR users not only benefit from automation and orchestration-powered response workflows, but also robust investigative case management and reporting toolsets.

Integration features

Increase the speed and quality of triage by enriching ArcSight ESM’s correlated events using Smart SOAR
Achieve faster and more consistent response, with incident-specific playbooks for ArcSight ESM events
Enhance journaling and case management capabilities, for handling, tracking, and reporting on the full incident response lifecycle
Automate SecOps and IR workflows with actions across hundreds of other security tools

Key Use Cases

#1: Event Escalation and Enrichment

By combining ArcSight ESM for threat detection with Smart SOAR for incident enrichment and response, you can automatically escalate real threats to incident status in Smart SOAR and assess their criticality through data enrichment and MITRE ATT&CK matrix correlation. Smart SOAR can then trigger an incident-specific automated response playbook. When notable events trigger Smart SOAR’s automated workflows and full-lifecycle playbooks for incident response, analysts no longer have to manually coordinate dozens of triage and response tasks. Response occurs in seconds, not hours.

Micro Focus ArcSight ESM Integration

#2: Improved Investigations through Contextual Link Analysis

Once an event has been escalated, Smart SOAR automatically correlates IOCs—such as source IP/domain, destination IP/domain, file hashes, etc.— and MITRE ATT&CK techniques against threat intelligence, and historical incident data, painting a complete picture of the threat. An intuitive link analysis dashboard provides analysts with the dexterity and visualizations needed for complex investigations. Adding Smart SOAR’s link analysis to ArcSight ESM events provides users with vastly improved triage, the ability to easily spot false positives, and better handling of complex incidents. By bringing the information needed for investigations into a single platform, organizations can reduce SOC fatigue by eliminating context-switching, while improving response through integrated intelligence.

Micro Focus ArcSight ESM Integration

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