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Comprehensive Security Incident Response Solutions for Retail Industry

There is growing recognition among large retail organizations that the challenges facing their industry are increasingly sophisticated, and that a comprehensive approach to security incident response is required to safeguard against cybersecurity attacks, data breaches, ecommerce disruption, and other serious incidents. D3 helps retailers manage every day and advanced attacks by providing tailored solutions that are designed to shut down and mitigate the impact of threats in the retail industry, from point-of-sale malware and SQL injections, to investigating malicious insiders.

Manage Threats

  • POS Intrusions

  • DDoS

  • Phishing

Overcome Challenges

  • Customer Data Protection

  • 3rd Party Risk

  • Resource/Skill Shortage

Ensure Compliance


  • Privacy Regulations

  • Breach Response


computer aided dispatch

Safeguard trust through incident management

Retailers and customers alike benefit from D3’s incident response platform—with built-in forensics case management, SIEM and threat intelligence integration—because its seamless workflow speeds triage and response, and helps shut down incidents before they create operational, financial and reputational impacts.

Quickly identify, contain and prevent POS malware

D3’s centralized incident response, knowledge base, and case management solution is increasingly relied upon to guide analysts to fast identification and containment of POS malware incidents and advanced attacks. Built-in root cause analysis serves to prevent similar future attacks.

pci compliance

Security that enables greater eCommerce

D3 helps secure digital transformation at the largest technology companies, and it does the same for retailers and their eCommerce strategies. Because D3 manages information across the cyber, physical security, and fraud domains, investigators looking into credit card, mail or eCommerce fraud have unmatched access to security information, without collaboration or analysis siloes.

Shut down data breaches before they happen

Some of the largest customer data breaches in recent years have happened to retailers because attackers were able to move within their network for months without being discovered. With D3, unusual network activity stands out from the noise and can be immediately detected and investigated. Once an incident is remediated, root cause analysis workflows help find the gaps that need to be closed to prevent similar incidents in the future.

loss prevention

“By analyzing our incident data through the D3 incident reporting system and applying appropriate risk-based countermeasures we were able to reduce incidents significantly and cut the overall security budget by $10 million.”



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