From Boeing to The Gap,
Manufacturers Trust D3 Security

Enhance Incident Response and Security Decision-Making Across Divisions and Countries

Manufacturing companies face stiff challenges, from safeguarding intellectual property and product quality, to securing digital and physical properties, and demonstrating compliance procedures. For many global manufacturers these disparate challenges have a common solution: D3 Security. Offering multiple solutions with extensive configuration options, rich analysis capabilities, best practice workflows and proven playbooks, manufacturers of any kind can strengthen incident management and standardize risk and compliance processes—while consolidating on D3 to simplify and reduce cost.




  • NIST 800-61/800-82

  • Data Protection


  • Malware

  • Phishing

  • SQL Injection

  • Cyber-Physical Attack


  • FCPA/Bribery

  • IP Threat

  • Complaint Management

  • Supply/Delivery Chain

How You Benefit From Our Software

incident management software

Enhance security of industrial networks

Malware attacks on converged, IT and OT networks often take months to identify and contain. But with D3, manufacturers can speed detection through SIEM integration, and greatly reduce containment time—often to mere minutes—with tailored IR playbooks that infuse threat intelligence data and forensics activity into the remediation process.

Protect intellectual property and trade secrets

To respond to and mitigate threats to valuable information such as intellectual property theft, manufacturers rely on D3’s library of playbooks and SIEM integrations, plus a configurable core that prioritizes response, eases collaboration and generates alerts for training, maintenance, anti-virus and patch updates.

intellectual property theft
incident management software

Boost the speed and depth of investigations

D3 provides manufacturers with the in-depth tools they need to manage investigations into fraud and counterfeiting, product diversion, HR and procedural violations. Through D3, the legal team can endorse for evidence capture or data retention, and utilize built-in and custom eDiscovery workflows.

Site security, access control and procedures

D3 helps manufacturers standardize their security procedures and risk analysis across global supply and delivery chains, while also providing a higher level of site security, access control, and standard operating procedures (SOPs) required of sensitive sites, such as that of a test facility, lab or military contractor.

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“Multiple languages are available; from English to Chinese, Portuguese to French – the full D3 application can be customized to reflect the reality of how a globalized organization works.”


Site Security Manager

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