From Comcast to Viacom,
Media and Communications Rely On D3 Security

Analyze, Collaborate, Respond and Report with a Proven Incident Management Platform

Media and communication providers must safeguard intellectual property and websites that are a core component of their offering and brand. D3 Security’s incident management solutions provide an integrated tool-set with SIEM integration, incident response playbooks and an investigations hub for determining the root cause and corrective action of cyberattacks and incidents.


  • Breach Response

  • NIST 800-61

  • eDiscovery

  • Security Compliance


  • DDoS/Defacement

  • APTs

  • Malware

  • Media Hijacking


  • IP Theft

  • Copyright Fraud

  • Service Disruption

  • VIP/Access Management

How You Benefit From Our Software

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Centrally manage events and incidents

D3’s incident management platform brings critical systems together—including alarms, access control and video management systems—in a cohesive hub with built-in prioritization and SOPs, streamlined dispatch response, and all of the data and analysis tools needed to drive response time and security coverage improvements.

Monitor global security operations

Media organizations need security management technology that can support large and small operations around the globe. With built-in intelligence and map-based feeds, a mobile solution and multi-language capabilities, D3 standardizes security and incident management during equipment transport and storage, VIP travel, active film shoots, temporary and exotic locations.

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Power investigations with intelligence

D3’s Entities Knowledgebase logs and organizes all of the entities encountered during incidents and investigations and makes them available for link analysis and risk analysis. Investigators can also discover a wealth of intelligence, gathered across D3 modules and solutions, when working on cases involving fraud, email or social media threats, stalkers,  paparazzi, trespassing, protests and other threats.

Respond to cyber threats and incidents

Data breach and incident response are critical areas for organizations with valuable information and intellectual property. D3 works with several film and media companies to create tailored incident response, forensics and eDiscovery solutions that work seamlessly with detection technologies, while our root cause and corrective action module reduces incident volume and recurrence.

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The most powerful benefit our team has realized thus far is the analysis reporting feature used for year-end reporting and incident trend analysis. Our security team is more aware than ever of current threats and banned persons.”


Security Manager