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Modernize your security operations and case management with a single platform.

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Public sector entities face the challenge of overhauling their incident response technology to keep up with growing attacks from both nation states and for-profit hackers.

Centralizing on D3 helps public sector entities bolster their security, streamline their operations, and manage their spending—all while staying a step ahead of their adversaries.

Investigate and Respond to Incidents Automatically

Public sector entities have a large attack surface, which results in a high alert volume. D3 helps streamline triage and response by automating investigative and response tasks.


Close the Skills Gap through Automation and Orchestration

D3’s automation and orchestration features enrich incident reports with threat intelligence, reputation data, historical incident data, and other valuable contextual information to support analysts of any experience level to conduct fast and accurate analysis of threats.

Comply with state and federal cyber security standards

D3 allows you to standardize and document your response processes to support regulatory compliance and adherence to the NIST and FISMA cybersecurity framework.


Why D3 for the Public Sector?

NIST 800-61

Implement the standards of the NIST incident handling guide with D3’s library of NIST playbooks.

Data Privacy Controls

D3 not only protects sensitive data from attacks, but also internally via granular access controls and secure collaboration.

Award-Winning SOAR

D3’s 200+ integrations allow users to automate and orchestrate tasks across their entire security infrastructure.

Centralized System

Turn your patchwork of legacy systems into a cohesive security program with D3’s extensive capabilities and integrations.

Efficient Budgeting

Unlike many other SOAR providers, D3 allows unlimited security actions at no additional cost, ensuring that complex incidents don’t break your budget.

Scalable Architecture

D3 can easily scale across new users, departments, and locations.

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Deep-Dive SOAR Demo

Do you want to see D3 in action? Join us for a 25-minute deep-dive demo and see how our award-winning Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform helps security teams accelerate incident response, scale processes, and learn from every incident.