Energy & Utilities

Manage security operations plus the downstream compliance obligations.

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Energy and utilities face high-stakes security threats in tandem with strict compliance requirements, necessitating consistent and documented processes.

The energy sector relies on D3 because it is a single incident management solution that enables situational awareness across cyber threats, physical threats, risk assessments, and the status of compliance with standards such as NERC CIP.

NIST-Based Incident Response Playbooks

Critical infrastructure like utilities are required to follow the NIST framework, which D3 supports with a library of pre-built playbooks and metrics and reports for sharing with regional councils and regulators.


Remediate Security Incidents Across I.T., O.T. and Physical Sources

Connect IT and OT systems to D3’s incident response hub for converged management of cyber and physical security incidents.

Gain Enterprise-Wide Security Operations Visibility

D3 can track incidents across facilities, regions, and networks, to identify recurring threats and attackers. Detailed trend and performance reports can communicate important information to security teams and executives across the enterprise.


Why D3 for Energy and Utilities?


Utilities use D3 to track and manage security incidents under NERC CIP.

Regulatory Reporting

D3 eases regulatory reporting by offering a standardized format used by electric reliability councils.

Task Orchestration

Manage human- and machine-based incident response tasks in accordance to your playbooks.

Converged Security

Consolidate the management of cyber and physical security incidents with D3.

SCADA Threat Management

Quickly detect and shut down cyber interference with critical industrial systems.

NIST 800-61

Implement the standards of the NIST incident handling guide with D3’s library of NIST playbooks.

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Deep-Dive SOAR Demo

Do you want to see D3 in action? Join us for a 25-minute deep-dive demo and see how our award-winning Security Orchestration, Automation, and Response (SOAR) platform helps security teams accelerate incident response, scale processes, and learn from every incident.