Introducing Christian Reina, D3’s Director of Incident Response Practice

By Alex MacLachlan May 8, 2018 compliance, incident-response, industry-specialization

We couldn’t be more excited to welcome Christian Reina, CISSP, CISM, CRISC, CISA, PMP to the D3 team. Christian will serve as the Director of D3’s Incident Response Practice, a role to which he brings almost 20 years of experience in security operations, incident response, compliance and risk management. Christian most recently served as Information Security Officer for a large financial organization in New York City.

Christian has considerable experience in building, managing, and evaluating security operations and incident response. He has administered a multimillion-dollar incident response budget, developed proactive information security solutions, aligned security processes with compliance requirements, and led the initiative to put incident response front-and-center in his organizations’ security strategies.

Perhaps most importantly, Christian’s experience spans all levels within an enterprise security organization—from the SOC to the C-suite—which will help him design collaboration, incident response, and breach management processes for D3 customers. He will also help to enhance the D3 product, making it even more innovative and practical.

To welcome Christian to D3, we asked a few questions about his enterprise experience, and why he felt joining D3 was the right move.

D3: What makes you excited to be working on the incident response orchestration side of the industry, developing and providing security solutions?

CR: The percentage of truly mature ‘detect and response’ cybersecurity programs is in the single digits. I’m excited to be working with D3 to develop and provide the best enterprise incident response platform, because the future of security operations, threat intelligence, and incident response will require orchestration, automation, and case management capabilities. There is a bright future for D3’s security solution and an opportunity to assist many organizations as they enhance their security operations and incident response capabilities.

D3: When you were working in a SOC, what were challenges or problems you saw often, which D3 could have helped with?

CR: People, processes, and technology. People who did not have proper training, made mistakes, or became rogue insiders created many problems. Inefficient, broken, or missing security operations processes created challenges. The ever-increasing number of security technologies was problematic and challenging to manage. The D3 incident response platform could have improved the response time and remediation for many of the security incidents created by people and triggered by numerous tools. D3’s case management capabilities would have allowed us to correct, establish, and document security operations processes to prevent future occurrences.

D3: When you were in a leadership role, what steps did you take to reshape your security program to respond to the challenges you had been facing?

CR: As a leader, there was always an opportunity to educate, improve collaboration, meet regulatory requirements, and maintain operational efficiency. We increased executive management awareness about our program to gain trust and support. We worked closely with IT leaders to prioritize initiatives to meet strategic goals, including regulatory compliance. We established a SOC separate from a NOC (network operations center), reporting directly to me along with a team of cybersecurity analysts to ensure full visibility into all operations. 

Once there was a strong partnership with other executives, as well as security and risk management leaders in our industry, the opportunities were many. With every opportunity, there was a lesson learned that helped me improve the security program, maintain strong compliance, and develop the utmost transparency. 

D3: As an information security officer, what kept you up at night?

CR: 100% security is not possible, so my biggest concern was our ability to respond promptly in the event of a security breach, and to ensure we always had all the evidence available.

Alex MacLachlan

Alex MacLachlan

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