Clery Act Incident Reporting Software and Compliance

Compliance with the Clery Act has posed many challenges for higher education institutions, which is why D3’s Clery Act Reporting and Compliance experience is an asset to all higher education organizations. This vital requirement is often performed incorrectly, with deficiencies only being revealed after an audit. At that point, significant fines and negative publicity are incurred. It is for that reason that many large higher education organizations have been leveraging the D3 system to ensure 100% compliance with the latest regulations as well as streamline the entire process.

Recording and managing occurrences and reports manually is labor intensive and inefficient, costing organizations time and money. This is particularly true when not done correctly. Furthermore, the compilation and maintenance of accurate, institution-wide statistics is equally challenging and prone to human error. The D3 system provides configurable web-forms, for capturing accurate institution-wide crime data that ensures compliance with Clery reporting. D3 has worked with several higher-education clients, acquiring best-practice statistical output formats, designed to supply the required annual statistics for compliance with a single click. Plus, D3’s incident reporting software and case management systems have been successfully deployed at numerous colleges and universities, across North America.

The everyday-nature of daily log recording requirements incurs a steady workload for those organizations taking a manual approach. Particularly for multi-campus institutions who have to consolidate their log globally. The D3 system allows for incident reports, case management stats and daily-logs to easily be generated and exported, or distributed daily, via email. Paper-based record keeping also pose significant challenges when it becomes necessary to distribute reports and statistics to outside parties. D3 greatly simplifies the process with ease of export into several file formats, including Excel and PDF.

Manual statistical compilation, based on legislation such as the Hate Crimes Statistics Act, requires an ongoing intimate understanding of underlying legislation. When legislation changes, it is difficult to keep current on statistical criteria increasing the potential for human error. With D3, changes to legislative requirements for data capture, or to the criteria for statistical compilation and categorization are easy to accommodate, and enforce within the organizational process, minimizing the human element and ensuring accurate statistics, in accordance with federal law. Forms and reports are updated within the intuitive point-and-click interface. D3 records the location of crimes and incidents for category-based statistics and tally’s for Clery compliance. This allows simple queries to generate counts and graphs based around these categories.

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